fredag 5. juni 2009

Har bloggere spesielle personlighetstrekk?

Har bloggere spesielle personlighetstrekk? Er det for eksempel slik at bloggere må være mer en normalt introverte fordi de bruker pc og internett så mye, slik Jonathan Rauch hevder?

Richard Florida har kommet over denne forskningsrapporten som trekker en helt annen konklusjon:

"Taken together the results of these two studies indicate that openness to new experience and neuroticism predict blogging. (...) These findings were also moderated by gender. Collapsed across the two studies, women who were high in neuroticism were more likely to maintain a blog than were women low in neuroticism but there was no difference in blogging for men based on their level of neuroticism.

Given that the characteristics of individuals high in openness include imagination, curiosity, artistic talent, intelligence, and diversity in interests (John & Srivastava, 1999; McCrae& Costa, 1986), it is not surprising that this is a characteristic of bloggers. Blogging is both a form of self-expression as well as a form of online behavior so it stands to reason that creative individuals who are willing to try new things are likely to blog."